Stress Busters QUESTION

I’m pretty sure that my wife gave me a gift certificate for a massage. not a massage from her, but from a professional outfit. (Not that I mind getting one from her.) It’s been two months, I just came from a conference, I need to go to another soon, and have I gotten this massage? I have not.

That recent report suggesting that boomers may be less healthy indicated that stress, along with weight, long commutes and the like, as one of the factors.

So, what I want to know is simple in concept, and perhaps difficult to achieve. How do you relax? Yoga, meditation, alcohol, drugs, television, turn off the TV, game night? We here at Ramblin’ will not judge you on this; we just want to know.
Another way to relax is to laugh well. Some news report, in anticipation of the Republican Presidential debate this past week, indicated that it would be moderated by “Christ Matthews”. I wrote a comment indicating that Matthews had a big enough ego without having a Christ complex. Curiously, they didn’t print my reply; they did, however, fix the post to “Chris”.
Is this a real story? George Bush Receives Purple Heart Award.


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