I’d appreciate your input in any or all:

1. What one to three CDs should I put on my Christmas wish list, and why?

2. Why are some people so fussy about folks applauding in movie theaters? People can laugh, cry, shriek; why not clap? After all, it’s their $10 and $6 bucket of popcorn, and as long as they’re not talking unnecessarily, I don’t care.

The theory is that the film actors can’t hear the applause; true enough. But neither can the performers hear when you cheer (or curse) your favorite baseball/football/basketball/soccer team whilst seated in front of your television set. Seems like snobbery to me.

3. Have you ever sung karaoke? If so, what are your favorite tunes to sing? If not, what would you sing?
I’ve never done it – though I have sung, with a live band, Disco Inferno (I’d deny it except there are too many witnesses). Probably Take Me To the River. Or maybe this song from the 1968 movie The Night They Raided Minsky’s that apparently was also performed on The Muppet Show:
I have a secret recipe.
Concocted with much skill.
And once you’ve tried our special dish-
You’ll never get your fill.
Take ten terrific girls, but only nine costumes,
And you’re cooking up something grand.
Mix in some amber lights, and elegant scenery-
And stir in a fine jazz band.
Then add some funny men, and pepper with laughter.
It’s tart and tasty I know.
Then serve it piping hot, and what have you got?
A burlesque show.

Or maybe not.


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