Roger Green, Lobbyist

Per Jaquandor:

1. Go to

2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.

3. Take their “Career Matchmaker” questions.

4. Post the top ten results.

Here now the results:
1. Lobbyist – not gonna happen.
2. Actor – “To be, or whatever.” Haven’t even been in a local production since 1985, when I was the hard-drinking Simon Stimpson in a production of Our Town.
3. Tour Guide – actually, I could do that.
4. Librarian – hmm, maybe I should consider that…
5. Criminologist -really? I’ve only seen CSI once.
6. Dental Assistant – the idea of flossing others doesn’t really appeal to me.
7. Professor – I’ve taught one session of one business course a few times, but as a full-time gig, I don’t know.
8. Anthropologist – Could be interesting.
9. Comedian – This IS funny. If there is one of these I’m TOTALLY unqualified for, it’s this. I can be funny, but I have no capacity for jokes. On the other hand, if I were on a sitcom, playing it straight, maybe.
10. Communications Specialist – I could do that.

Actually, the next 10 seem to be more on target:
11. Critic
12. Casting Director
13. Activist
14. Public Policy Analyst
15. Political Aide
16. Print Journalist
17. Musician
18. Writer
19. Library Technician
20. Composer

Oh, what the heck. The next 20:

21. Market Research Analyst
22. Translator
23. Dispatcher
24. Special Effects Technician
25. Public Relations Specialist
26. Airline Customer Service Agent
27. Career Counselor
28. Cashier
29. Magician
30. Dancer
31. Customer Service Representative – been there, done that
32. Religious Worker
33. Esthetician
34. Community Worker
35. Funeral Director
36. Nail Technician
37. Foreign Service Officer
38. Director
39. Hairstylist
40. Clergy – the only one on this part of the list I actually ever considered doing, other than the one I’ve already one.

Interestingly, I added my education and skills and the list changed somewhat.
A Very Good Match
B Good Match
C Fair Match
D Questionable Match
F Poor Match

1. Lobbyist B
2. Actor B
3. Tour Guide C
4. Criminologist B
5. Librarian B
6. Anthropologist B
7. Professor B
8. Comedian B
9. Communications Specialist A
10. Activist B
11. Casting Director B
12. Critic A
13. Public Policy Analyst B
14. Political Aide B
15. Writer A
16. Print Journalist B
17. Musician D
18. Translator C
19. Market Research Analyst B
20. Composer D
21. Special Effects Technician C
22. Public Relations Specialist B
23. Career Counselor A
24. Dancer C
25. Customer Service Representative B
26. Religious Worker A
27. Community Worker B
28. Foreign Service Officer B
29. Director B
30. Clergy A
31. Sport Psychology Consultant A
32. Foreign Language Instructor C
33. ESL Teacher B – what my wife does
34. Rehabilitation Counselor A
35. Politician A
36. Psychologist A
37. Corporate / Commercial Lawyer A
38. Historian B
39. Lawyer B – which I did consider, once upon a time
40. Civil Litigator B

So maybe my next career will be communication specialist/writer/critic/clergy. Any jobs in that field?


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