Beatles Island Songs, 133-124

The verse and chorus don’t really fit together very well, and somehow, that’s endearing.

JEOPARDY! answers-
BILLBOARD NO.1 HITMAKERS: In May 1964 this New Orleans native was 62 years old when he bumped the Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” from the No. 1 spot
BEATLES SONGS: The title of this Beatles song is a Yoruba phrase that means “life goes on”
THE BEATLES: Fittingly, the cover of this Beatles album shows the Fab Four engaging in a semaphore message
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The rules of engagement

133 Slow Down, EP release (UK), Something New (US). Larry Williams’s cover adeptly done by Lennon.
132 In My Life from Rubber Soul. Another song that should rank higher except that I just burned out on it. Jaquandor, who is a relatively new Beatles convert, wrote a nice piece on the song, which is all true.
131 Martha My Dear from the white album. My first girlfriend in high school was named Martha, probably when the album came out. Yes, I know it’s about McCartney’s sheepdog.
130 Mother Nature’s Son from the white album. Pretty McCartney song.
129 The Fool on the Hill from Magical Mystery Tour. Especially like the instrumental bridge of this McCartney song.
128 Wait from Rubber Soul. Pretty ordinary song, considering it’s on a great album, but the Lennon and McCartney vocal byplay elevates it.
127 Sun King from Abbey Road. Lennon’s nonsense lyrics at the end are a hoot.
126 Hold Me Tight from With the Beatles (UK), Meet the Beatles (US). A driving McCartney tune.
125 I’ll Follow the Sun from Beatles for Sale (UK), Beatles ’65 (US). I always thought this was a pretty McCartney song, with occasional tight harmonies.
124 Baby, You’re a Rich Man from Magical Mystery Tour. Probably the least well-known song on the album, originally the B-side to All You Need Is Love. The verse and chorus don’t really fit together very well, and somehow, that’s endearing.– 24 Hours A Day, Eight Days A Week…

JEOPARDY! questions:
Who was Louis Armstrong?
What is Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da?
What is Help?

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