Beatles Island Songs, 123-114

At least it’s less self-important than Within You, Without You on Sgt. Pepper.

JEOPARDY! answers-
LICENSE PLATES $300: A car with plate #LMW 28IF on this Beatles album cover furthered rumors that Paul was dead
GOLDEN OLDIES $200: It’s easy to grasp the fact that this Beatles song was their 1st to go to #1 in the U.S.
ROCK ‘N ROLL $200: Beatles song about purchasing affection that was 1st to hit #1 in U.S. & Britain at same time

The Beatles Complete on Ukulele

The rules of engagement

123 Dizzy Miss Lizzy from Help! (UK), Beatles VI (US). Another Larry Williams tune, well covered by Lennon.
122 I’ll Cry Instead from A Hard Day’s Night (UK, US), Something New (US). “I’m gonna have myself a way/hey”? But I loved it.
121 Here, There, and Everywhere from Revolver. Pretty McCartney.
120 Julia from the white album. Lennon lost his mother twice, once when she abandoned him when he was five, and again at 17, when she died. It is a gentle portent to the more primal screams of Plastic Ono Band’s Mother.
119 It Won’t Be Long from With the Beatles (UK), Meet the Beatles (US). Good use of “yeah”.
118 Love You To from Revolver. Harrison got three songs on the album, and while this is the least of the three, at least it’s less self-important than Within You, Without You on Sgt. Pepper.
117 When I Get Home from A Hard Day’s Night (UK), Something New (US). Muscular tune from Lennon.
116 Let It Be from Let It Be. Yet another overplayed McCartney song, though a fine one.
115 Don’t Bother Me from With the Beatles (UK), Meet the Beatles (US). Harrison’s first writing credit in the canon, and it spoke to a theme in his life.
114 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) from Rubber Soul. A very nice Lennon song, mysterious, the first song with sitar, and all that, and slightly overplayed in my time.

JEOPARDY! questions-
What is Abbey Road?
What is “I Want To Hold Your Hand”?
What is “Can’t Buy Me Love”?

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