Eight and a half, no Fellini: Lessons from years of blogging

If this blog has at all a conversational tone, and I hope it does, it’s because I’m often having a debate with myself exactly what I feel about a given topic.

8 and a halfThis being my 8.5th anniversary, or 17th semi-anniversary, of blogging, I thought I’d praise the rightness of Anil Dash’s 15 lessons from 15 years of blogging.

1. Typos in posts don’t reveal themselves until you’ve published.

This is SO true. There’s a coterie of bloggers who will e-mail me with corrections, and I for them – you know who you are – because a self-edited blog will inevitably have typos. There are errors that I KNOW are wrong, such as your instead of you’re, that I’ve made myself. Worse, though, is when I’ve decided to link to a previous blog post, and only then do I see the typo that’s been out there for months or YEARS. Oh, the horror.

2. Link to everything you create elsewhere on the web.

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