What was originally the Houston Oilers is today this NFL team.

Jeopardy!_Season_21There has been some interdepartmental game of the TV show Jeopardy going on around here. I was invited to join by this guy, not in my department, who told the organizer “Alex” that I’m really smart; thanks for the pressure. I wonder if “Alex” knows I was was once on the real JEOPARDY?

Here are some of the rules.
* All the answers and questions come from the Jeopardy Desk calendar of the current date.
* Don’t cheat. NO looking at the desk calendar, NO looking up the answer anywhere (i.e. internet, dictionary, etc), NO discussing or giving it away with anyone.
* The Answer must be in the form of a question or you will lose points
* Don’t argue the answer. “Alex” will go only by what is on the desk calendar. If you have a problem with that, write the desk calendar people.
* Results are posted each day so that you know your standing. Continue reading “Office JEOPARDY!”