Ten favorite songs

There’s some video out there of current women lipsynching to this song, as though the radical nature of the message from a half century ago wasn’t self-evident.

jackbruceRecently my friend Doug forwarded an interesting challenge to pick my ten favorite songs without repeating a single band or artist. He wrote:
“Too challenging, for the paring down process of what makes any list becomes about as instinctive as picking a Grammy (et al) winner — and I genuinely dislike that ‘process’. But, it is about music, and about the sharing thereof, and I love a good challenge.”

I don’t worry so much, because this is not a definitive list, THE ten songs, because that would be simply impossible for me. Whatever my 10 songs are likely will be different the next time I compiled the list, based in part on what I’ve been listening to. Continue reading “Ten favorite songs”