The health report, September 2015

Naturally, I started fearing the worst, stomach cancer, or other dreaded disease.

umbilical_hernia01Early in the past week, I went to a vascular surgeon. I don’t have varicose veins, but I have a related ailment in my left leg. So I’m getting compression stockings.

Meanwhile, there was a little lump in my belly, near my navel, a month or two ago. I wondered what it was, then promptly forgot about it. Then it got bigger, and I couldn’t ignore it, so I went to my PCP (primary care physician), or actually, her partner, a couple of days ago.

Naturally, I started fearing the worst, stomach cancer, or another dreaded disease. As some now-disreputable comic once noted, doctors are wonderful people, but they’re always touching things. “Does that hurt?” “DOES THAT HURT! DOES THAT HURT!” Same with this guy. Before the visit, I had minimal discomfort. But now – ow, ow ow, ow.

Still, he believes I have an umbilical hernia, which is rather reassuring. I am seeing a specialist later this week, and I hope that, whatever it is, it’ll be addressed soon.

Meanwhile, I have a Weird Al song stuck in my head. As SamuraiFrog wrote: “This is a song that benefits enormously from having a funny video (which was shot on the same set as the James Brown video). It’s pretty funny, and it’s a good re-creation of a Brown song.”

It’s also very informative, about the different types of hernias. And it ends with, “I feel bad!” I would rank it much higher than Mr. Frog did.

Here’s Living with a Hernia.

Author: Roger

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4 thoughts on “The health report, September 2015”

  1. Yep, had an umbilical hernia repaired
    A couple of years back, a short un-
    Conscious procedure. Insurance is a
    Wonderful thing.

  2. Yeah, Rodge, my husband Fred has one, too….has had it almost a year, he finally confessed!!!! ?. He wears this huge elastic ‘brace’ to work. If you get it repaired, please let me know how it goes. Fred swears he hasn’t got the time for the down-time. Thanks!!!

  3. I’ve had a hiatal hernia for almost 20 years now. It happened while I was working in a job that saw me doing a lot of heavy lifting, but it causes me to feel very full with only a small amount of food and gave me very, very bad acid reflux until I was put on prescription Prilosec (well before it was over the counter).

    Hope everything is copacetic soon.

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