Sunday Stealing – Thanksgiving


JFK Thanksgiving Day proclamation 1963
JFK Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 1963

This week’s quiz from the League of Extraordinary Penpals is Sunday Stealing- Thanksgiving, which is coming up in the United States on Thor’s Day.

1. People I’d like to thank and why

Too many. But thanks to Jeff Sharlet, author of The Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War, whom I’ve known since he was six, for our breakfast on Saturday; KD, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, for our breakfast on Friday; and the Bible Guys, with whom I had breakfast on Thursday.

2. Something I rebelled against as a kid

Wearing ties. I was right; they’re legalized nooses.

3. What I need to accomplish before the end of the year

I have a reimbursement program for my medical expenses. I must submit them, and it is an extraordinarily tedious process, but I need the money, well over $1000.

4. Guilty pleasures right now

I don’t believe in them. Guilt is highly overrated. BTW, I’m presently listening to ABBA.

5. Local landmarks

Nipper. There are others, such as the skyline, but the dog is among the most iconic.

6. Cause or purpose I deeply believe in

I attended a panel discussion this week about book bans and challenges. Someone read a list of some of the most challenged books. As a retired librarian, I find the activity deeply unsettling, especially as these actions are often stirred up by a group not even in the communities.

No can do

7. Things I never learned to do

Type, drive, or enjoy beets.

8. Seasonal traditions I’m always excited for

My wife has three days off from work in a row.

9. Something I’d like to be mentored on

Genealogy. I’m trying to find my great-grandmother’s birth certificate, Margaret (or Marguerite) Collins Williams (May 1865-August 8, 1931), and find her parents’ names. They are not on her death certificate.

10. Exotic animals I wish I could keep as pets

Goats. They could mow our lawn, and I’d lend them to the neighbors.

11. Something normal to me that might be odd to others

I always hear music, even when it’s not playing.

12. The last book I quit reading and why

Possibly Brothers In Arms by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anthony Walton because I got busy. I may return to it because Morgan Freeman has executive produced a documentary about the  761st Tank Battalion: The Original Black Panthers that should be on the History Channel. The Kareem book is about that very entity.

13. Right now, I appreciate…

Good mass transit in Albany, NY. Thanks, CDTA. The Purple Line buses were free for the first two weeks, ending today.

Not ready for Christmas

14. When “the holiday season” starts for me

December 1 is when Kelly starts his Daily Dose of Christmas. It does NOT begin on November 1, even though the TV ads want me to think so.

15. Holiday foods and treats I love the most

I like fruit pies. Not so much pumpkin but apple or cherry.

16. “Terrible” movies that I actually like

Reefer Madness, which I haven’t seen since college. The Albany preview of Howard The Duck was sponsored by FantaCo, the comic book store where I worked.

17. Cooking all day for holiday dinner vs. ordering carry-out

We’ll probably have food prepared by others.

18. If I were trapped in a holiday movie, I’d pick…

Miracle on 34th Street. I’ve only seen it once, so I would tire of it less quickly.

19. Which holiday tradition I wish lasted all year long

A perhaps insincere attempt at civility.

20. Favorite books, music, TV, and movies this month

Music: whose birthday is this month? Randy Newman, Jimi Hendrix, Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals, Berry Gordy (Motown compilations). TV: football, recorded, which I can watch in about 70 minutes

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing – Thanksgiving”

  1. I hear music when it isn’t playing, too! I asked someone if they did . . .and they looked at me like I had lost my mind so I’ve never asked anyone else! I’m so glad someone else hears music in “their head.” Banning books irritates me a lot. I’ve always loved to read and I do not like someone else telling me what I can and can’t read.

  2. “Ties are legalised nooses” – I don;t know the what the appeal of them is. I rarely wear them at all (usually for weddings only).

    I saw the new ABBA show in Londong earlier this year with tht “Abbatars” – it was very good (but very expensive).

    I imagine geneaology can be frustrating. I might try it myself but I’ve heard it can be a challenge.

    Ha ha! Goats as exotic animals. That made me chuckle.




  3. I don’t hear music all the time, but all numbers have specific colors that I see when I look at the number. That has been true since I was very ill while living in Albany at the time I met Roger many years ago. I had one student in my teaching career who saw numbers with colors, too. We had rollicking silly arguments about our differing colors for the same number.

    I am grateful for the odd beauty of math in my life ever since. However, none of my kid’s toy blocks with letters and numbers were ever painted with the “correct” color. It led me to become a master weaver to express the overcolorization of my world.

    When the WNBA started with Rebecca Lobo leading the NY Liberty, their jersey numbers were particularly delicious to watch. I am grateful I did not let doctors experiment on me to try to kill my newly acquired cross sensory experiences that started in 1984.

    Never let anyone try to “cure” any quirk you enjoy having…

    Good entry today, Dear…..

  4. You’re the second person to mention the “feelings of goodwill” stuff that goes on during the holidays. It would be nice if people would be kinder and more mannerly all year round.

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