Sunday Stealing: Mantelligence?

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This Sunday Stealing is by someone called Mantelligence.  He writes: “Why should everyone want to know random questions to ask that can be found in this post? Because random things to talk about work so well. They throw your audience off-balance in a discussion, often making people give more honest and genuine answers.” Occasionally, that’s true; other times, some of those folks shut down.


1. If You Had The World’s Attention For 30 Seconds, What Would You Say?
I don’t think there’s a thing I could say in 30 seconds that would be that significant. That’s true of most people unless they can change the trajectory of events. Declaring war,  e.g.
2. If Your Food Is Bad At A Restaurant, Would You Say Something?
If “bad” means I didn’t enjoy it, then no. One of the recent times my wife and I went out to dinner, we didn’t think the food was all that good and overpriced. However, the host was delightful, and the waitstaff was efficient. Also, my meal was better reheated than as initially served. Weird.
If “bad” means the milk is sour or something unidentifiable in my soup, then yes.
3. What Is In Your Fridge Right Now?
Besides the usual items, leftovers from a different restaurant.
Not a car guy
4. What Are You Freakishly Bad At?
Identifying automobile makes and models. I’m pretty car blind. A good friend picked my wife and me when my wife had several medical procedures last fall. I could only identify the vehicle by the license plate number.
5. Where Do You Not Mind Waiting?
I’m good if I have something to read and preferably a place to sit. The DMV? No problem. Of course, I only go there every eight years to renew my ID.
6. What’s Something You’ve Tried, That You’ll Never, Ever Try Again?
Probably square dancing. I don’t hate it; it’s just that I’m horrible at it. There are steps that I can keep track of when the caller is giving them out. But when they stop… You don’t want me to do-si-do with you.
7. If You Could Dis-Invent One Thing, What Would It Be?
Obviously, war. I’ll go with any assault rifle (AK-47, AR-15, et al.)
8. If You Could Be A Member Of Any TV-Sitcom Family, Which Would It Be?
When I was a kid, it would have been The Dick Van Dyke Show.
9. What Would Be The Best Thing About Not Having A Sense Of Smell?
I’d avoid tobacco odor. I can smell a lit cigarette from ten meters when the wind direction is right.
10. Would You Rather Live (Permanently) In A Roller Coaster Park Or A Zoo?
A zoo, for sure. When I was growing up, zookeepers didn’t seem to know (or care) how to tend to some animals properly. Here’s a piece called  Ethical Zoos: How to Determine the Good from the Bad
Tweet and retweet
11. When Scrolling Through Social Media, Do You Prefer Posts From Celebrities Or Your Best Friends?
I don’t care about celebrity musings. This is particularly true on Twitter when some “influencer” was speaking obliquely about… something I had not heard about, assuming that EVERYBODY already knew of it.
(Eventually, I discovered it was about Kid Rock – whose opinion about SO many things has proven tedious – and Travis Tritt boycotting Bud Light. Whatever.)
Also, I likely don’t know most “celebrities” who are under 35. 
12. What Makes Someone A Hero?
Mostly, the opportunity to do what’s right when that is difficult to do. Then doing it.
13. What Is The Stupidest Thing You’ve Done Because Someone Dared You To?
A Halloween costume I wore many decades ago.
14. What Is The Stupidest Thing You’ve Done On Your Own Free Will?
I was swimming in the Susquehanna River in Binghamton by myself when I was in high school. I almost drowned.
15. Would You Rather Have Unlimited Sushi For Life Or Unlimited Tacos For Life?
Tacos, assuming they’re soft, and they come with a variety of options.
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