Sunday Stealing: 7 Layer Meme

Not for me to say

Seven layersThe Sunday Stealing post this week is the 7 Layer Meme. I misread it as 7 Lager Meme because of the font.Except for the fact that I don’t drink beer, that could have been interesting.

LAYER 1: Tell us your…

* Eye color:  Brown

* Hair color: What hair? Mostly gray.

* Height: 5’11 5/8″

* Righty or lefty: Righty

LAYER 2: What’s…

* Your heritage: I wrote about this last year here.

* The shoes you wore today: Brown

* Your weakness: Left knee from torn meniscus in 1994

* Your fears: Being late

* And your perfect pizza: Sausage and mushroom

* Goals you’d like to achieve: Writing this blog post

* Your first waking thoughts: What time is it?

* Your best physical feature: My eyes.

* And your most missed memory: Presently, my high school yearbook. It may turn up.

LAYER 3: Do you…

* Smoke: No.

* Cuss: Increasingly since 2015.

* Sing: Often.

* Do you think you’ve been in love: Sure.

* Did you go to college: Yes. Then to grad school, twice, one time to completition.

* Liked high school: Mostly.

* Believe in yourself: Occasionally.

* Think you’re attractive: Not for me to say.

* Think you’re a health freak: No.

* Like thunderstorms: If I’m home.

* Play an instrument: Not really.


LAYER 4: In the past month have you…

* Drunk alcohol/Smoked:  No (X2)

* Done a drug: Tylenol

* Made out: no

* Gone on a date: Yes, to dinner.

* Gone to the mall: No. I hate malls. Unless you count strip malls.

* Eaten an entire box of Oreos/Eaten sushi: No (X2)

* Been on stage: Define “stage” – I’ve been at a church lectern

* Been dumped/Gone skating/Gone skinny dipping: No (X3)

Fortunately, the conditional “in the last month” is there, or there would be a whole lot more to write here.

LAYER 5: Have you ever…

* Played a game that required removal of clothing: No.

* Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yes. The last time was almost 31 years ago when I was a pallnbearer for a dear friend and on my birthday.

* Been caught “doing something”: Probably. Likely more than once.

* And been called a tease: Possibly

* Gotten beaten up: I wouldn’t say “beaten up”, but punched, yes, I wrote about this here.


* Age you did get/hope to be married: 19

* How do you want to die: Saving someone or in my sleep

* What did you want to be when you grew up: Minister or lawyer

* What country would you most like to visit: France

Seven and Seven Is – Love

cropped-Roger.singing.TrinityAMEZ.BNG_.jpgLAYER 7: Now tell…


* Name a person you could trust with your life: Uthaclena

* The name of a favorite CD that you own: Peter Gabriel’s third album, sometimes called Melt. I have it in German on LP and English. Gabriel’s birthday is this week!

* Number of piercings/Number of tattoos: zero (X2)

* Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: dozens. In Binghamton relating to community events. My picture was in the paper singing “O Come All Ye Faithful” when I was six, according to the caption. There was the story about the Green Family Singers  and at least one tied to my 1972 car accident.

In Albany, NY when I worked for FantaCo, the comic book store (1980-1988), there were a handful of stories, plus one UPI piece that got picked up by papers in CA, IL, ME, OK, PA, UT and WA in April-June, 1982.

There was a story about me and the 1990 Census in the Schenectady Gazette.

After I was on JEOPARDY in 1998, I got a few mentions, once in the Boston Globe and several times in the Albany Times Union. I was a blogger for the TU’s community blog (2008-2021), and occasionally an excerpt would show up in the print newspaper. There is a picture of me singing at my present church at some point in the 2010s.

* Name a past experience that you regret: “Regrets, I’ve a few, But again, too few to mention.” It’s not that I don’t have things I wish I had done differently. It’s that there were things learned from the experiences.

Seven Nation Army-White Stripes

“No comment”

As I walked past these people, a guy in a car came from who knows where and drove up into the driveway, nearly hitting me.

CourtroomHere’s something I’ve thought about a lot, and for quite a long time, but an incident a while ago reminded me that I need to put it out there. If I am ever in a situation that would involve the criminal justice system – whether as the victim and/or witness or defendant – I will not comment on what I might testify about until the trial is over. I won’t talk about it, and I certainly won’t blog about it.

The reason is that I believe, in the United States, too much information is disseminated about what a given person might be saying on the stand, and I think that the publicity before or during the trial negates the possibility of a fair hearing, perhaps in the court, and even more likely in the court of public opinion.

I might talk about items peripheral to the case, but that would be based on the specific circumstances.

What triggered this was that I was walking home from the bus stop after work one night a few weeks ago. On my very block were two people on the third floor of a house cursing and screaming at four or five people on the street, about what I do not know. They were responding in kind. A couple of the folks on the street attempted to climb up the exterior steps to reach the couple but were thwarted by the locked door. As I walked past these people, a guy in a car came from who knows where and drove up into the driveway, nearly hitting me; he got out and joined the rabble against the couple.

I walked home quickly and called 911, but the cops had already been summoned. The cops arrived and, presumably, the issue was resolved. Incidentally, I knew none of the parties involved.

If this situation had escalated – guns were drawn, or Crazy Driver had hit me – then I might have become a witness. And in that case, my cone of silence would have taken hold. If I had gotten hurt, I might note that I was feeling hurt, but not specifying how so in re: the event.

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