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NAME: David Allen Jones a/k/a Johnny Bacardi
BLOG NAME: The Johnny Bacardi Show
NAME OF CD: Different Stuff for Different People, Volume 4

Stylish yet decadent. Made me want to drink a Psychic Martini, and I don’t even LIKE martinis. One of my two favorite covers. It’s even better in a size you can read it.
SONG LIST: His live journal of June 20
GENERAL THOUGHTS: A wonderfully eclectic mix, elegantly presented. Unfamiliar songs by familiar artists (Beach Boys, Kinks), familiar songs by different artists (Tomorrow, Morning Glory), artists I forgot I had in the collection (Dax, Wood, Cibo Matto). A very satisfying experience.
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: Sobule-instrumental backing based on Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park”! Blodwyn Pig, Dax; Wood-“something to make my hair grow long” (too late for THAT); Alex Harvey; Cibo Matto, Price (campy); Buckley (I love the song, which I’ve heard by others, and I love the voice); Zevon (anytime);
ON THE OTHER HAND: I like Lou Reed, I do, but 11 minutes of that vibe was a little sleep inducing. I also wonder about the 9 ½ minute Grand Funk track; I know the live cut so well (see below) that it wasn’t a problem for ME, but COULD be for other listeners; I prefer the live cut, BTW.
OFFICE FRIENDLY: As far as I could tell.
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: My sister Leslie had a boyfriend named George in high school who thought of himself as a black militant. He thought of ME as one of those hippie types. For Christmas or my birthday, he bought me “Live Funk” from Grand Funk Railroad, a group I was barely aware of at the time. I think he thought it fit my demographic. It featured a LONG version of “Inside Looking Out.”

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