Maynard Gilligan Krebs

You ever decide a show isn’t very good, but find that you watched it anyway? That’s how I felt, even as a kid about Gilligan’s Island, somewhat embarrassed to be viewing it, but view it I did. (It was probably because of Mary Ann.)

And before that, I used to watch a show called The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, which I think was probably a better program, though in fact I haven’t seen it in decades.

Both of these shows, of course, featured Bob Denver, who died last week. He revisited Gilligan a number of times, and Maynard at least once, but it appears that he was just happy being Bob Denver. As usual, Marl Evanier has a story that you probably won’t find in tomorrow’s obits. Also, the Guru has some thoughts.

Author: Roger

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