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I hadn’t forgotten these; I’ve been away.

NAME: Thom Gladhill
NAME OF CD: Into the Wabac Machine: In One Ear Vol. 2
COVER ART: Peabody & Sherman on the cover, also on the CD itself, with the latter in a Mohawk. One of my two favorite covers.
1. Intro
2. The Reflex-Alexia
3. True Faith-Ghoti Hook
4. A Letter to Elise-Aaron Sprinkle
5. 1999 (the Bomb Mix)-Regenerator
6. Blood and Roses-The 77s
7. I Love Rock-N-Roll-Joe Christmas
8. Train in Vain-Hokus Pick
9. Love Song-Deluxtone Rockets
10. Kids in America-Morella’s Forest
11. Every Breath You Take-Fanmail
12. Where Is My Mind?-House of Wires
13. Send Me an Angel-Denison Marrs
14. We Got the Beat-Huntingtons
15. One Tree Hill-Mortal
16. Just What I Needed-Insyderz
17. Fascination street-Stavesacre
18. Eyes Without A Face-Phantasmic
19. I Would Die 4 U-Cush
20. Rock the Casbah-One Bad Pig
21. Take on Me-MxPx
ALREADY REVIEWED BY: Gordon on August 24
GENERAL THOUGHTS: This is another covers CD, but the original songs are from the 1980s. Quite possibly the best realized discs from concept to execution in the bunch..
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: 2 & 10 are better than the original. I love the revisit of 19, which reminds me of Steve Earle. 5, 6, 9, 14, and the much faster 11 are comparable.
ON THE OTHER HAND: Cut 13 isn’t on my copy; maybe a copying error? 16 and 20 are too similar to the original for my taste. I like ‘em, but what’s the point of doing a cover if it’s going to be a slavish imitation? 8 would be in this category too, save for the female vocal.
OFFICE FRIENDLY: As far as I could tell.
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: While I recognize all but 3 or 4 songs, I am totally unfamiliar with all of the bands except for MxPx. I went to a No Doubt show in July 1997 with my friend’s 14-year old daughter and four of her friends. MxPx played with such ferocity that thought I’d be knocked down by the sound waves. The middle group was a ska group, the Selecter (I think), and the kids (not so much the ones with me, but almost all the kids), hated them, HATED them, turned their backs on them, literally. At the end of their section, one young man proclaimed, “That was the worst piece of s*** I’ve ever heard.” It was like Buddy Guy or another great blues guitarist opening for Eric Clapton and getting booed.

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