It’s All About ME

(I fret too much that this will be taken with the affected vainglorious tone.)

As Mr. Hembeck so acutely observed today, I find myself in the middle of the blogiverse. It even extends beyond the comic book folks.

I was looking at Steve Gerber’s blog the other day when there was noticed by ME something called Technorati. (Gordon’s page has it too, but I did not notice it before.) It shows blogs that are linked to his blog, such as MINE. Naturally, I checked to see who was linked to ME, and I found a bunch of these comic bloggers I’ve only met electronically, all of whom are in the Comic Blog section of MY blog, plus MY friend Lori.

But I also came across a Chris Black, a “Liberal Democrat Councillor” from Rayleigh, Essex, United Kingdom, who linked to something I wrote a couple weeks ago. I think he’s Lefty’s long-lost cousin across the pond (both named Chris, both with last names that are colors, both liberal). I think we should all write to him and say “Hi.”

Last Tuesday, I discovered that it was ME (or I, but let’s not get fussy here) who had won Logan’s contest. I don’t even know what the criteria were, but no matter.
But then Logan caused ME all sorts of distress by asking ME, who’s only recently re-entered the comic book word, and tentatively at that, to pick out what he should read from his enormous pile of unread items; and, lo, he actually took some of MY advice!

On Friday, Greg announced that one of the three winners of his contest was ME.

On Saturday, I went to Fred’s page and saw that he filled out the Five for Friday poll of the Comic Reporter, so I thought I’d fill out MY choices, which were:
1. Fred Hembeck (the cartoon, not the guy – the guy is WAY too serious)
2. Daffy Duck
3. Smilin’ Ed Smiley
4. Superchicken
5. the main character in the Groening “Hell” strips
Poultry, in general, are funny.
But then then, I realized the responses were attributted to Carol Green, because I was using her e-mail. But the responses were from ME.

Today, Lefty (finally) noted that the winner of his contest was…Greg. But Greg was congratulated by ME.

Anyway, I’m glad I got THAT out of my system. More entertainment next time.

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I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

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