Not Jerry Rivers!

According to TV Week’s Michele Greppi “A Current Affair” has been canceled.

Sources say that Twentieth Television’s “A Current Affair” is over, six months after it was resurrected, and will be replaced on Fox-owned stations that carried it by a show hosted by Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera from New York.

Twentieth Television President and CEO Bob Cook reportedly delivered the news of the cancellation, which will not come as a surprise to the syndication community, late Wednesday afternoon.

Twentieth Television was not immediately available to comment on the report.

Details of Mr. Rivera’s new show and when “Affair” will leave the air were not immediately available.

Now I could care less about “A Current Affair”. Geraldo Rivera, him I care about.

When I first started going to college in New Paltz, I could get the news from both Albany and New York City. Most of the time, I ended up tuning to WABC-TV, Channel 7, in NYC with Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel. The show featured an aggressive, impressive young reporter named Geraldo Rivera, who helped break a scandal involving deplorable conditions in nursing homes.

This is before Geraldo (who has briefly Anglicized his name to Jerry Rivers) was finding nothing in tombs, and turned into the hot dog he is now. Trust me on this: once upon a time, Geraldo was GOOD. That he’s turned into this bellicose, self-serving twit makes him harder to watch than the other bellicose self-serving twits because he had such potential.

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