Random Access

Greg and Gordon both stole this idea to take a random sentence for each month of their respective (and respectable?) blogs. I wasn’t going to do it at first – I don’t have a whole year’s worth of posting yet – but it occurred to me that maybe it would be a decent introduction to those who’ve only recently joined me.

Next, I had to figure out how to actually get a random item. So I went to this site and generated two lists of 30. I took the first list as the date and the second as the sentence number.

May: A writer can aspire to sell or publish, but only non-writers aspire to write. Boy, I wish I had said that, but it was the middle of a quote.

June: It’s a bit surprising that a market the size of Albany/Schenectady/Troy has a Class A team, especially since Binghamton, which is about the size of Troy and half the size of Albany, once again has a team in the Class AA Eastern League, with a higher caliber of player.

July: Guitar legend Les Paul will celebrate his 90th birthday with his first new studio album since 1978’s “Guitar Monsters,” a collaboration with Chet Atkins. Swiped from a press release.

August: And the title is SO wrong, since NEITHER character actually owns a dog. My not-so-positive review of a movie.

September: But that’s not Washington Avenue, that’s Central Avenue. I remember that ADD seemed to like this post.

October: There is one exception. Ha!

November: Newspapers, recycled aluminum cans, and [plastic] bottles (only the #1 and #2) are supposed to be placed in blue plastic containers issued by the city.

December: Over there they have,” and a slight pause.

Well, THAT was fun! But I’m surprised that Fred Hembeck didn’t show up, given the number of times I’ve mentioned him.

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