Lake 54

When we bought our house almost six years ago, we noted that there used to be a built-in, in-ground swimming pool. The folks from whom we bought the house had it paved over. Actually, bricked over, and they installed a post that contains an electrical plug. One can use the area as a type of patio.

We visited the house several times before we bought it, but what we never noticed until the house was ours was that when it rains extensively, as it did all day yesterday, the area starts to fill up rapidly with water. We started calling it Lake 54, in honor of a NYC nightclub I never went to. It fills up to about five inches, but no more than that, not because of drainage, but because it then leaks into our next door neighbor’s yard. Fortunately, we can shut off the electricity from the house.

Our new next door neighbors, who I have seen but not yet met, closed on the house on Tuesday. Tuesday night, the gentleman was out chopping the the snow and ice off his front walk, something the previous owners did sparingly at best. Of course, given the subsequent deluge, it turned out to be totally unnecessary. Still, we already feel that they’ll be good neighbors. So, what’s a little gushing water twixt houses? Welcome, new neighbors!

(Pic from FolkArt Crafts.)

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