Underground Railroad Conference

I’ve know Paul and Mary Liz Stewart for a lot of years. Don’t see them often, especially A.L. (after Lydia), but they are friends. Such good friends that, when they called to invite us to dinner at their house last Friday, we made a bold counterproposal that they come to our house, with them bringing dinner, and they actually accepted. (It’s easier to get Lydia to bed that way.) We had a great time with them and their youngest son Joel – who’s into music from electronic games, an area about which I know NOTHING – talking and playing (non-scoring!) SCRABBLE.

I was one of the first people to go on their Underground Railroad tours of Albany a few years ago. They held an Underground Railroad a conference four years ago for a few hours at the College of St. Rose. Each year, the thing gets ever bigger . This year’s event is “The Underground Railroad: Connecting Pathways To Liberty”.

You can read all about it here.
A Conference On The Underground Railroad Movement In New York State (For more information and to register: www.ugrworkshop.com), (518) 432-4432.

Incidentally, the map is of Historic Sites and Museums of the Underground Railroad in New York State. Go here to find out more about them.

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