3 Questions about Lists

My wife is an active list-maker. I find lists, especially of tasks to be done, to be depressing, because I invariably fail to accomplish what I write down. Conversely, I usually take a list to the store, particularly when buying more than three items, and most particularly when I’m buying items not for my own use.

So, would you please tell me:

1) What, if anything, do you make lists for?

2) Do you make long-term lists, such as “These are the books I want to read/places I want to go before I die”?

3) The media are always reporting on some list or other: most livable cities, the state with the best educational system, Top 10 Essential Classic Rock Albums, the most romantic movies. Which, if any of these, do you pay attention to?

Oh, and re: that – I’ve been a librarian for over 13 years, and this week was the first time I actually used Playboy as a reference source; the question involved a list of party schools.
Pub Club
Playboy-NOTE: yes, you will see, er, women wearing, er, not wearing…

For the librarian, one must go where the research takes ya.

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