The Lydster, Part 25: Ouch!

As she grows, Lydia gets more bold. So, it was a bit of a tough month. She was having sleepless night, four in a row last week, one attributable to thunder, but the rest to I don’t know what.

Then she was climbing out of her chair and landed face first on the floor.

Finally, she was running on the sidewalk outside and landed face first on the sidewalk. She scraped her knee and cut her philtrum and possibly her lip, as you can tell in some of these pictures. She looked like the loser of a pugilistic event.

But she continues to grow and develop. One day, I was trying to get her to cover her mouth when she coughs. I pretended to cough and covered my mouth. Then she started coughing, quite a bit. I asked her was really coughing or pretending. She said, “‘tending.”

She likes to dance…

…though it DID tire her out, not to mention her doll.

Here she’s waiting for the bus. Which reminds me: we were taking the city bus to the day care, when the driver was complaining to another passenger what a “piece of s***” his vehicle was. But when we got off at our stop, the bus driver apologized to me. I appreciated that. She’ll hear all sorts of language soon enough; right now, I want her to pick up the more standard English terms.

Happy 25 months, Lydia. I love you.
Since it appears on our church website, I suppose it’s no longer a secret who our new pastor will be. Or more correctly, co-pastors.

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