What Now, My Blog?

If I had really thought out the notion that I would actually be doing a blog on a regular basis, I NEVER would have started in May. Last May, I had TWO out-of-town conferences to go to. One of the things that’s like to happen in the next 30 days is that I will miss a day of posting.

My palms are sweating just THINKING about it.

It is almost inevitable because it’s May again, and I’m going to TWO conferences again out of town, both of which I’m presenting at, BTW. I just got back from the first one, my work conference – yes, the week before the move, but it was scheduled months ago. The hotel supposedly had Wi-Fi, but it worked sporadically. (Last year’s conference was supposed to have Wi-Fi, that proved to be a functional fiction, but I DID get to post at the local library.) You’ll hear more about this recent conference soon.

The upcoming conference has long distance dial-up, fercryinoutloud.

Then there’s the disruptive work move, more of a hassle mentally blogwise than physically.

Beyond that, I may blog less (I’m not talking once a month, or even once a week, but talking five or six days a week), largely because there are a couple other writing projects I want to work on this summer. Yes, this means that person I promised I would write for LAST year. (He knows what I mean.)

Also, there’s tentative two-week trip for a family reunion – who knows when I’ll be able to post then?

And even when I DO blog, a few of the upcoming posts will be fairly short. I do want you to get your money’s worth, but time pressures will out. (Yeah, I know you don’t actually pay for it, but I try to approach it as though you do.)

But I still have a lot to say, a lot more than I ever thought I would, frankly.

That said, what the heck am I doing on MySpace? I don’t rightly know.

I do know that back on March 7, I was helping someone at the library work on her blog. She asked me about promoting on MySpace. I told her that, although I had naturally heard of it, I didn’t know much about it. So, I signed up, but did little else, and frankly forgot about it…

…until last Monday. I was trying to post something on Blogger for over eight hours, but it was not happening. Then I happen to read that friend Fred had just registered to be on MySpace, which reminded me that I had a registration on MySpace.

I don’t know what I’m going to DO with it, and your suggestions are welcome. I DO like the redundancy idea, though; if Blogger’s down, I can still post on MySpace. I don’t anticipate the latter becoming my primary contact with the world. At some basic level, I don’t “get” MySpace. Then again, two years ago, I didn’t “get” blogging, either; I’m finally starting to figure it out.

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