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A number of people I know mourn the ending of their favorite shows. I really don’t. I figure that 1) there will be other shows; there are ALWAYS other shows and 2) if not, then that’s more time for reading. This past season was disappointing in that only one show I was watching got canceled (Arrested Development), while I started watching three new shows , all of which got renewed. Not a good trend. Thank goodness for the DVR. So watch will I be watching in the fall?

Thanks to Tosy for pointing out The Futon Critic. Thanks also to Tom the Dog, who has previewed all the new shows on his blog (May 16-19), so I don’t have to.

10PM What About Brian? – I started watching this soap opera on a lark last season and decided I liked it enough to give it another go. Saw the final episode of THIS season only yesterday.

8PM – Gilmore Girls – As if you didn’t know, though Friday Night Lights is interesting enough of a concept to tape at least once.
9PM I’m curious enough about Let’s Rob to at least watch it once. Mick Jagger?
10PM Boston Legal – with more ex-Star Trek people than any cast on TV right now. And haven’t watched the last two-hour episode of this season.

Nothing. Oh, I might try a show or two – mostly likely 30 Rock – but nothing is yet must see.

8PM My Name Is Earl – Both my wife and I are very fond of this show.
8:30PM The Office – and also this one. STILL haven’t seen the last two episodes of either of these programs.
9PM Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Is anyone who is a TV junkie NOT anticipating this?
9PM Grey’s Anatomy – The joy of being able to record two shows at once, since it’s choir night and I’m unlikely to see either one in real time. Three episodes to go this season.


Definitely nothing.

7PM Everybody Hates Chris – all the new shows I added this year have male names (Brian, Earl, Chris) – what is the significance of that? One episode to go this season.
7PM 60 Minutes – three episodes to watch.
8PM The Simpsons
8PM NFL Football, if the game is interesting, especially later in the season.
10PM Brothers & Sisters – here’s where I agree with Tosy about Ally McBeal enough to try this Calista Flockhart-starring vehicle.

Waiting in the wings:
Scrubs – three episodes of the current season still to watch.
I haven’t seen American Idol in several weeks, though my wife has, but I have to admit that I’m surprised that Taylor, who is SO goofy that he’s been parodied on SNL, has made it to the final two. But I’ve read in TV Guide that lots of folks, including – if I’m remembering correctly – Tim McGraw, like him because Taylor is “real”. I’m NOT surprised that Katharine’s still around, as she was Tom’s recent OoMA, and likely the object of other people’s affection as well.
I saw a piece on ABC News last night about Idol being shown in 5th and 6th grade music classes so that the students can evaluate the performers. The report suggested that, with 22% of schools cutting music and art, and that cut being related to No Child Left Behind’s emphasis on reading and math, W is making Ryan Seacrest even more ubiquitous.
My wife noted that the Winfrey ball special that was supposed to be on last Monday, but pre-emptied by the President’s immigration speech, and postponed until tonight, means that W is actually more powerful than Oprah. So far.
How many shows this past season ended with one or more people getting shot, with the network hyping that fact? CSI: Miami, E/R – there was a bunch of them, but I’ve managed to block most of them out. I’ve come to expect that sort of thing on 24, but it seems that the merry month of May now means TV bloodbaths. Is this a function of competing with the “summer” movies that are starting now?

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