Photo op

Just back from conference #2 of the month. I presented there too.

I had this friend I went to school with from about 2nd to 9th grade named Ray. His mother was the den mother when we were Cub Scouts together. I was in Ray and Pam’s wedding in October 1976. Pam just sent me this newspaper clipping from 1961, which, if you can’t read it, indicates that I was helping with the packing for supplies for a “Negro tent community in Tennesssee”. No doubt that my apparel was my father’s idea.
You may notice that they gave full street addresses for the girl Penny and for me; they don’t do THAT anymore, do they? You will also note that they misspelled my last name as Greene. Even then, I hated it when they screwed up my moniker.
My friend Judy, who drove me to Boston to be on JEOPARDY! in 1998, is taking the show’s test in NYC tomorrow. Another friend called me to give pointers to a colleague who is also taking the test. They are all Albany librarians, so I wish them the best of luck.

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