The Move – Today

Wow. The work move is today, postponed from yesterday. Probably the last I’ll say about it (lucky you).

If some of it seems a tad cryptic, well, there’s a reason for that.

One of the things that makes transition easier is information. If there had been a real opportunity to ask questions, I would have queried why, when six units were moving to this space, why five of them had been attending meetings for a month, while the sixth was not even informed?

With newer information, I might posit this question: Why are all of the folks moving to the third floor of this new building required to paying parking fees? And being threatened with being fired if they park without paying?
Free parking would have been at least one upside of the move – not for me, but still- yet even that has been dashed. The folks on the fourth floor of the new building (two folks I know from church) and the second floor of this building (a guy from the Bradley birthing class I attended) are not paying, and indeed one of them laughed at the suggestion. Surely, the fact that our folks were paying for parking when they were downtown, where parking is at a premium, oughtn’t impact parking at the CW, where parking is plentiful. Someone had the audacity to suggest to me that those driving are helping to subsidize the move, but that can’t be it. Of course not.

And I’m sure the building people have forbade us from having food at our desks, but it certainly can’t be true that someone has been assigned to check to make sure we don’t have hot plates at our desks, can it? That would suggest that we need to be treated like children, rather than the professionals we are, so I’m sure that’s just an ugly rumor.

And speaking of rumors, I heard that someone has forbidden any signage for individual workspaces, i.e., name plates. That can’t be right. Over 200 people from a half dozen programs going to a place with a standard look and feel would certainly require some differentiation. I have this old name plate from when I was a teller for about a month nearly 30 years ago just waiting to be dusted off. Sammy

So, in conclusion, my reticence about this particular move does not come merely from:
-not wanting to move
-the inconvenience of where we’re moving to
-the realization that we’re less likely to attract library interns because of our new location
-missing downtown
-my bad memories of the last time I worked at that location
-moving from an office with a door to a cubicle
-moving to a smaller space
-getting an e-mail dated this past Wednesday at 9 pm informing us that when the computer files are migrated at the end of the day yesterday, some of our files are moving into something called the archives, and that we should move said files to another area if we don’t want them stored in the archives – since I was out of time at the time, reading this Thursday at 4 pm, that news was particularly distressing to me
-not being able to listen to music
-having to become one of those clock-watching people who HAS to leave at 5:30, even when I’m in the middle of something
but for those reasons and…others.

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