It’s my blogiversary! It’s been one year since I finally decided to take the plunge and start the blog thing, and to my surprise, I’m still here. I’ve written at least 515 posts since my gloriously inept first post May 2, 2005… every day, sometimes more than once. It’s been fun, and I hope the handful of you that like reading it have dug it.

OK, I stole, then paraphrased, that last paragraph from here, but the facts are correct.

For me, I started rather whimsically one day, seeing whether I would do it the next day. And I did, again and again, 1.4 times a day, every day.

I got to write about JEOPARDY!, starting here, which was a major goal. (That way, when people asked me about my experience, I could tell them, “Go read about it in my blog!”)

I got to write about the small person in my household, something I had promised myself before that, then reneged on it. In fact, the very first picture I ever posted was of…oh, you guessed it, which wasn’t until August.

August was also the time I finally decided to put in a site meter, the 26th; that day, I had 23 visitors. Since then, I’ve had a wide range of folks coming here from all over the world, as few as 20 (on November 11) and as many as 130 (on January 26), but roughly 50 per day. Of course, the ONLY people who would have found my first few posts would have been those people who hit the “Next Blog” button on it and happened upon it.

It only occurred to me in November to ascertain if I could find my blog on Google, and I did. It was #30 when I typed in Roger Green. By the end of December, it was #19. My pathetic plea to you folks around my birthday in March got me solidly in the top 10, and recently I’m in the top 5, wich both pleases and surprises me.

The post that probably generated more hits for over a week was my April Fools’ Day post of nearly 3000 people named Roger.

My favorite post may very well be this one, because I got EXACTLY the response I wanted.

Probably the most controversial post, was this one, based on the comments it generated.

In any case, I wanted to thank a bunch of people, but I always worry about that, because, for instance, shouldn’t I mention Logan, who put something about CONFOUNDING ROGER GREEN in his header for over a week? What about Kelly, who confounds me with her queries? And certainly, I should mention oatmeal raisin cookie-eating GayProf. But would Greg notice if I left him off? Probably. Whereas Mike wouldn’t care, he’d just go off with Swamp Thing.

Two people’s blogs that have generated traffic to this little electronic corner of the world are Scott at Scooter Chronicles and Comic Book Galaxy’s Alan David Doane. It was ADD who once told me: “You can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.” No, wait, that was Rick Nelson. Well, Alan said something similar.
And there are some loyal non-blogging readers, such as ASP, CD, MR, MAK, CD, and TF, who I appreciate, plus many of the folks on my blog roll.

But I do need to thank:

Eddie, who was likely the first person who I had not known previously who let me know that what I wrote could matter to someone else.

Near-twin Gordon, who is the one most likely to reply to my queries, and whose CD in the CD Exchange is most likely to arrive in my mailbox first.

Lefty, who started the music exchange where I met a lot of these weird folk, and who has been someone I can write to about any number of issues.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for coming by.

(I suppose I should mention Tom the Dog, who showed me how to do do this little trick.)

We forget Fred Hembeck! Gee, I’ve only mentioned him a few dozen times (54, by my count) as the person who encouraged my efforts, who has plugged my blog from the very beginning, and who has even allowed me into his little corner of the electronic universe from time to time. Merci, effendi!

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