QUESTION: Time Is on MY Side

My friend Sarah noted in a response to a recent post how she spends the 168 hours of her week. I find the idea difficult, because it’s so varied. If I go away it’s one thing, if Carol and I have a date, it’s another. That said, I’m taking the bait and trying to note an “average” week.

46 – Sleep, maybe 6.5 hours in bed, sleeping, or attempting to do so

38 – Work, including some time at home getting rid of junk e-mails I get at work

16 – Specific Lydia time. This involves getting her up, fed, clothes changed in the morning, and stories, diaper changes in the evening, often also including going around the block with her. On the weekends, it’s a bit more concentrated, with Carol going grocery shopping, and me playing with or reading to Lydia.

14 – Eating. About half of this, at lunch, usually also means reading the paper or a magazine. Much of the rest of the time involves Lydia at dinner and especially breakfast.

12- Watching TV. Right now, this includes the nightly news, JEOPARDY!, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC This Week and The Closer, almost always on tape, because Carol & I decided that Lydia REALLY doesn’t need to see the news right now. Also, catching the weather, the first five minutes of the Today show to see if the world’s imploded, catching the weather. When watching taped programming, I generally have a newspaper to read while the commercials flash by.

8 – Racquetball, including time getting there, and showering and dressing afterwards.

7 – Blogging. It’s not like it’s an hour a day, every day. Some days, it’s the five minutes it takes to post. Other days, it’s whatever free time I can find: the last 15 minutes of my lunch break, the 20 minutes it takes for Carol to put Lydia to bed, a half hour of insomniac musings, the hour Carol takes Lydia swimming on Saturday morning. And the blogging also includes my time reading others, which could be 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there.

5 – House stuff: putting dishes in the dishwasher, washing the pots and pans, picking up Lydia’s toys, putting away my CDs.

4- Church, including choir and committees

3- Phone, mostly family. I spend a lot of time at work on the phone, so I tend to avoid it when I can.

2- Reading the paper while listening to music.

13 -All that miscellaneous stuff: getting to and from work, errands, weekend showers (weekday showers counted under racquetball), occasional movies, taking out the garbage, musing on life

What’s your week look like?
This post, like all of my (nearly-)weekly questions was inspired by one Chris “Lefty” Brown, who turned 35 yesterday. He is one of my musical gurus, and apparently, I’m one of his.
Oh, Lefty, I’ve been having technical difficulties actually burning the Summer Mixed CD exchange your wife set up; I’m going to someone’s house today, and hope to send out on Monday. I wanted to direct people to your contest, but I couldn’t get the specific link to work, unless I put “ketchup” in the SEARCH mode, in which case I found this; what are you gonna do with ketchup packets, anyway? And here is your birthday present: NEVER again will I EVER mention that apparel incident again. Promise.

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