THREE (plus) QUESTIONS: Heat Wave

As I’ve mentioned, I saw An Inconvenient Truth recently. I was already convinced about global warming.

1) Do you think there is global warming, and if so, is it reversable? What will it take? I think it’ll take political and personal will that I don’t see forthcoming. I’m particularly interested in Chris Black’s opinion.

2) What was the worst weather you’ve had this summer? For us, it’s been the near-constant rain.

3) Do you think Al Gore is running for President? (I don’t think so.) And why does he look so strange on the cover of last week’s Entertainment Weekly?
Several people have told me about the alleged dis of JEOPARDY! by one Ken Jennings in his July 19 blog post. I didn’t think it was a dis, I thought he was trying to be funny. He didn’t always succeed – faux cannibalism as humor? – but he tried.
In fact, the self-described iconoclast, who earned about 145 times what I earned on JEOPARDY!, had a rather revealing post in which he declares:

1970’s Sunflower is a better Beach Boys’ album than Pet Sounds. (Well, no, it isn’t, but it’s better than it was given credit for at the time.)
Celia Weston’s Jolene was a better Alice waitress than Polly Holliday’s Flo. (Flo WAS a bit over the top.)
I Vitelloni is a better Fellini movie than 8 1/2 or La Dolce Vita. (Never saw I Vitelloni.)
Oh Mercy is a better Dylan comeback than Time Out of Mind. (Maybe.)
John Stanley’s Little Lulu is a better run of classic kids’ comics than Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge. (I’ll have to ask Mr. Hembeck about this.)
Smashing Pumpkins’ cover of “Landslide” is better than the Fleetwood Mac original. (I’ve only heard the SP version a couple times.)
Marnie is a better late Hitchcock movie than Psycho. (Never saw Marnie.)
Timothy Dalton was a better Bond than anybody else since Connery. (Never saw Dalton as Bond.)
Felicity’s hair was better short. (Nah.)
You folks have any opinion on these?

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

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