Some Favorite Christmas Moments

This is a card that we sent out, obvious at Christmastime 1982, the last time that we all – Tom, Mitch, me, Raoul, and Rocco (L-R) – worked at FantaCo. Yes, we were TRYING to look mysterious/strange/sinister.

So here’s a lovely Christmas tale from 1991 involving my ex. You all right with that?

Z and I were poor graduate school students. I don’t think we actively decided not to get a tree as much as we failed to get one until it was the week before Christmas, then decided it was pretty much not cost-effective to buy a tree that late.
We took the bus to do some last-minute shopping at Sears when we noticed the retailer was GIVING away trees. OK, for NOTHING, maybe we’ll get one. But how to get it home? Z asked if we should ask the bus driver. I said, “Heck, no. If we ask, he could say ‘no’.” The bus arrives, fortunately with only about six people at 6 p.m. The driver looks askance, but says nothing as I take the tree on the bus. We get off the bus, carry it the three blocks home and had a lovely tree that we decorated that night.

Merry Christmas to all.

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