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People Envy Your Generosity

You’re a giving soul, and you’d do almost anything for those you love. And they’d do anything for you!
People may envy how giving you are, but more than anything, they envy those you open your heart to.

This is terrible. It’ll ruin my image as a hard-boiled, brooding hermit.
Barbara Waters used to be mocked for asking, in several of her interviews, “What kind of tree would you be?” Well, apparently I’m a weeping willow.
Rumor has it that the movie Spider-Man 3 has come out recently. It cost about a third of a gazillion dollars, but will probably make a full gazillion, so it’ll still turn a profit. I saw the first movie, even own it on VHS, but haven’t seen the second one yet. I will, I will. Here’s a review or two or three, all somewhat more favorable than the lukewarm consensus so far.
I’ve seen this a couple places recently. It dovetails well with a Bill Moyers special on selling the war, and the press buying it, which I watched recently that I hope you watched – excellent.


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