The Beatles at Stax

Today, an album called Stax Sings the Beatles is scheduled to be released. But did you know that the Beatles nearly recorded at Stax in 1966? Manager Brian Epstein coming to Memphis to scope out the soul label site, before deciding there was too little security? Here’s one article and Stax guitarist Steve Cropper’s take. Also, go here to read pages 96 and 97 of Rob Bowman’s account in his book Soulsville U.S.A.

Of course today, John Lennon would have been 67; Sean Lennon, who I saw perform earlier this year, is 32.

Here’s a montage some YouTuber made last year in honor of John’s birthday:

Ken Levine found this radio broadcast of John Lennon, disc jockey that I enjoyed.

Dick Cavett helps John Lennon, sorta. In re: that, the Lennon FBI files.

Really strange: the John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project. Yes, I tried it.

Bob Gruen’s pictures of John and Yoko.

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Hip-Hop Sgt. Pepper’s – The Cover Art.

Yellow Submarine Beatles iPod.

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