The New 30 Day (or so) Challenge

The timing is fortuitous. I have two (count ’em 2) conferences, pretty much back-to-back events, this month, so blogging time will be limited. AND I want to tidy things up here.

At the (general) urging of Cal and following also in the footsteps of Jaquandor, I’m starting a new Challenge this month. Do it with me. Or don’t.

The timing is fortuitous. I have two (count ’em 2) conferences, pretty much back-to-back events, this month, so blogging time will be limited. AND I want to tidy things up here.

Now I promise this WILL take longer than 30 days: May has Mother’s Day, our wedding anniversary, plus ABC Wednesday, Lydia day, and anything else I decide to write instead. It’ll probably take me 45 to 60 days. So be it. Indeed, I probably won’t even start until next week.

•Day One: Favourite Actor
•Day Two: Favourite Movie
•Day Three: Favourite Musician
•Day Four: Favourite Book
•Day Five: Favourite Food
•Day Six: Favourite Song
•Day Seven: Favourite TV Show
•Day Eight: Pictures Of Your Room
•Day Nine: Favourite Flower
•Day Ten: Favourite Outfit
•Day Eleven: Recent Picture Of Yourself
•Day Twelve: Where Your Family Is From
•Day Thirteen: Favourite Memory
•Day Fourteen: Favourite Purchase Ever Made
•Day Fifteen: Current Grades
•Day Sixteen: Future Tattoos
•Day Seventeen: A Childhood Picture
•Day Eighteen: Favourite Board Game
•Day Nineteen: Something That Made You Smile Today
•Day Twenty: A 10+ Year Old Picture
•Day Twenty-One: Favourite Movie Quote
•Day Twenty-Two: Picture Of You On This Day
•Day Twenty-Three: Favourite Music Video
•Day Twenty-Four: Something Embarrassing In Your Room
•Day Twenty-Five: One Of Your Most Prized Possessions
•Day Twenty-Six: A Picture From One Of The Greatest Days Of Your Life
•Day Twenty-Seven: A Picture Of Where You’re From
•Day Twenty-Eight: A Drawing
•Day Twenty-Nine: Somewhere You Want To Visit
•Day Thirty: Whomever You Find Most Attractive In This World

I may get rid of some of those excessive letter U’s in the titles. Darn Canadians!

And though I promised these before, this time for sure:
*A list of all the Beatles songs, in desert island order.
*Movie year in review.
*Underplayed vinyl – this is helped out tremendously by the painting of the attic, which allows the ACCESS to and reorganization of said LPs.

Quite possibly none of these before June, but these will be my summer projects.

Yes, I am blogging about blogging; this too shall pass.

And while I’m prattling on, I highly recommend that if you happen to have my AOL e-mail address, don’t send me any messages there if you actually reply more often than once a month.

Oh, I was Googling my name, and I came across this:
What was roger green’s early life?
he was a a canable who perferd eating tiny people with dwarfism

I was SHOCKED! That’s some of the worst spelling I’ve ever seen.


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4 thoughts on “The New 30 Day (or so) Challenge”

  1. Simple humor, but the last line made me laugh.

    I think I will join you in this challenge. Not sure when I will start and I am sure it will take me over a month as well. But might help me get back to blogging six of seven days a week again.

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