Beatles Island Songs, 103-94

OK, a schmaltzy song from Lennon, sung by Starkey, but for over a year, I sang it to my daughter to get her to sleep.

JEOPARDY! answers. Questions at the end.

FAMOUS WOMEN $200: After taking up with John Lennon, she became known as “The Woman Who Broke Up the Beatles”
NONFICTION $400: Vincent Bugliosi took the title of this 1974 book about the Manson murders from a Beatles song
INVENTIONS $200: Name shared by a Beatles album title & an 1835 invention of Samuel Colt

The rules of engagement

103 Words of Love from Beatles for Sale (US), Beatles VI (US). My sisters, neighbor, and I used to lipsynch to this album and charge the neighbor kids a nickel each to watch. I was Lennon and sister Leslie was McCartney. Listened to this Buddy Holly cover a lot.
102 She’s a Woman from the B-side to I Feel Fine (UK), Beatles ’65 (US). A jaunty McCartney tune.
101 I Will from the white album. A lovely McCartney tune, but I always thought it needed to be longer than 1:42, as most of the covers (Ben Taylor, Alison Krauss) are.
100 Paperback Writer, A-side of single (UK), Hey Jude album (US). Not sure that I really liked this song all that much on the first listen, but it grew on me, especially the opening riff.
99 Yellow Submarine from Revolver.  This, b/w Eleanor Rigby, was possibly the first single I ever purchased. And then the album came out, and I was mystified that the response vocal in the last verse started one line later on the album than the single – no, I’m not crazy – confirmed finally on one of those Anthology singles. I like this McCartney song, performed by Starkey, though I’m not convinced that, tone-wise, it belongs on the album.
98 I Need You from Help! In the 1980s, my favorite local radio station had something called Fourplay, four songs related by a theme. I found four songs called “I Need You” – this Harrison song, an obscure Who tune, the ones by America, and I think, Joan Armatrading. Or maybe it was Paul Carrack. They went together surprisingly well.
97 Please Please Me from Please Please Me (UK), Introducing the Beatles/The Early Beatles. About a perfect early pop tune from Lennon.
96 Good Night from the white album. OK, a schmaltzy song, with sappy strings, from Lennon, sung by Starkey, but for over a year, I sang it to my daughter to get her to sleep.
95 Dear Prudence from the white album. Lennon’s song about Mia Farrow’s sister in India. I like that it’s of a specific time and place.
94 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. From circus posters Lennon saw. A fun, psychedelic cut.
JEOPARDY! questions:
Who was Yoko Ono? (But I don’t buy the charge.)
What was “Helter Skelter”?
What is Revolver?

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