Beatles Island Songs, 93-84

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THE BEATLES $200: “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”, this song was the Beatles’ 2nd No. 1 hit in the U.S. after “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
THE BEATLES $300: This 1964 hit begins “Well she was just seventeen – you know what I mean?”
THE BEATLES $400: This 1964 film, the Beatles’ first, received an Oscar nomination for its musical score.
Klaus Voormann Nominated for Grammy® Award for VOORMANN & FRIENDS – A SIDEMAN’S JOURNEY DELUXE PACKAGE. The Album and DVD includes his longtime friends Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. “Double Grammy® winner Klaus Voormann not only left his mark on musical history as a bass player (winning the Grammy® performing on the 1972 album The Concert for Bangladesh), but has also set some milestones as a graphic designer with his Grammy® award for designing the Beatles’ Revolver cover in 1966. That was the first time anyone had won for a graphic album cover.”
BEATLES CARTOON “The Fabtastic Four”
The rules of engagement

93 Yer Blues from the white album. A pretty straight Lennon blues, made interesting by the middle section’s rocking feel.
92 You’re Going to Lose That Girl from Help! My – that album contains a lot of a sense of loss. A Lennon tune.
91 Hey Jude, A-side of single (UK), Hey Jude album (US). OK, I have tired of those singalong tunes Continue reading “Beatles Island Songs, 93-84”