Beatles Island Songs, 83-74

When I was in high school and attempted to write songs, I essentially ended up rewriting Fixing A Hole.

JEOPARDY! answers (questions at the end)-
SONGS $500: This Beatles song begins, “Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you”
RECORD LABELS $100: On Jan. 30, 1969 the Beatles gave their last public performance on the roof of this record company’s London offices
BANDS OF THE ’80S $100: Icicle Works formed in this city more than 20 years after the Beatles

This month is the anniversary of the Beatles’ “invasion of America.”

Meet the Beatles — For Two College Credits

The top 5 Beatles highlights of 2010

Hembeck’s Beatles page

Rain visits Good Morning America and I just happened to catch it. A review of their show in Chicago.

When The Washington Post panned the Beatles

Beatles voted best overall by Goldmine readers.

Beatles remastered stereo box wins Grammy AND Paul McCartney wins first solo Grammy award in 39 years.
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