A Perfunctory Defense of ‘Glee’

To me, the interesting thing about Kurt, the “flamboyant gay character” is that, in some ways, his character is about the most real person on the show.

My online buddy Jaquandor wrote an evisceration of the TV show Glee recently:

I hate Glee. Hate it. Absolutely hate it. But I’ll say this: Glee sure is a fun show to hate. It’s total crap.

Virtually everything he says is absolutely, positively true. And (most of) it doesn’t matter to me one whit.

What do I hate about it? Well, the characters, for one. This is one of those shows that makes me constantly say to myself, “Nobody would ever act this way in real life!”

Well, no, but see, I see Glee as a musical. Musical theater, or movie musical, operetta, or even a Bollywood video. “Real life” isn’t the point.

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