Blogspot, Why Hast Thou Confoundeth Me?

One of the great things about these blog sites is supposed to be that it should be EASY.

A couple of days ago, I needed to post something on a Blogger website. And it was time-sensitive. So I go there and insert the info that I needed to do. I could save the post, but I could not publish it to save my life. I hit the Publish button and it sat there, disinterested.

I went to one of my colleagues, who had the exact same problem with the site on Internet Explorer, but no such difficulty using Firefox. So, I downloaded Firefox, and voila, success. And just in time.

Jaquandor was having the same problem. He discovered this fix:

Go into your blog’s settings, and then, in the “Basic Settings” tab (the left-most tab, should be the one that comes up first when you click into your Settings), scroll down to near the bottom, where you can choose which version of the Blogger editor you’re using. If the radio button for “Old Editor” is selected, change this to the “Updated Editor” or whatever it’s called. Publishing will then work.

Subsequently, I did that as well, just to cover my bases.

I also seemed to have trouble leaving comments on certain Blogger websites lately, including, as it turns out, Jaquandor’s. SOMETIMES, the fix was, when asked if you wanted Blogger to remember you, is to NOT click that button.

Then there’s this weird issue in which Blogger (or Google, the same thing) wants me to empty my cache before it recognizes me when I visit certain other Blogger sites; I did it, but I don’t GET it.

One of the great things about these blog sites is supposed to be that it should be EASY. I don’t want to know how the light bulb works, I just want to not trip when I walk into a dark room.

But blogging is taking ever so much longer, and it’s not writer’s block, it’s mechanics. Mechanics I have little capacity for, and moreover bore me. I want easy, Blogspot. OK?

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