Blog site down; I’m so annoyed

What happens to the blog when I die?

For some reason, the company that has provided service for this blog since May 2, 2010, stopped working on July 10, 2013, at 11 a.m., EDT. I went to the web guy’s website and found it (and his wife’s site) was also down. I have had pretty good luck with the company to date; I never was offline more than 10 minutes in the past.

What’s bugging me, though, is not just that the site was offline for over six hours, but the fact that I had not set up a current backup system. Oh, the first five years of this blog are available at my old Blogger blog site. And I DID create an echo site, four years ago; I just never actually followed up on this.

The service being down has prompted me to finally post there as a backup site going forward, and, as time permits, back four years to May 2, 2010.

This actually also addresses another issue I’ve thought about, which I may have mentioned here: what happens to the blog when I die? Assuming – a big assumption – that WordPress will continue to provide a free blog service AND that they don’t start deleting blogs that have become defunct, then the backup site will be my blog beyond the grave. Or something like that.
Sad that Cory Monteith, 31, of the TV show Glee died from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. His character Finn Hudson will have to die as well, but will it be in some noble fashion, when the show starts shooting later this month? Or will they let Finn’s death be an object lesson to the fans?

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