The Lydster, Part 112: The Pied Piper

The Daughter will be a fine childsitter herself, if she is so inclined.

The evening I got home from that brief hospital stay in April, my daughter wanted to go to game night at her school. My wife did not; truth to tell, I didn’t much, either. But I hadn’t spent much time with her the last couple of days, so I took her.

We go to the gymnasium, and instantly all these four-to-six-year-olds scurry to her, calling to her by name. She knows them from the afterschool program they all go to. Still, I didn’t know that she was so popular with the younger set there.

I WAS aware that she had a similar relationship with the younger children at church. She plays with them, watches out for their welfare, and generally plays big sister. There was a mother at church who noted that my daughter could control her child in a way she could not.

I think this is a function of some of the girls, now young women, who have looked out for her, and are among the pool of child sitters for her.

Someone at church said that she’ll I reckon when she gets older, she’ll make a lot of money as a fine child sitter; I reckon, if she is so inclined, that would be correct.

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