Primary Day 2005

Today is Primary Day in New York state. In NYC, the polls are open from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., but upstate, the polls are only open from noon until 9 p.m. I HATE that. I like to vote before I go to work so that the campaigns can check the list and see that I’ve already voted so that they DONT call me to get out to vote.

Of course, the 12-year incumbant mayor, Jerry “Well Tanned” Jennings is a lock for renomination by the Democratic Party (not to be confused with a democratic party). And the Democratic nomination is all one really needs to get elected in the city of Albany. Jennings’ opponent is Archie Goodbee, a black man who was all but invisible from the moment he declared until fairly recently, and is outmanaged, outfunded, and generally, out of luck.

An incumbant candidate always brings negatives, and I suspect Goodbee expected the support of the progressive wing of the Democratic party just because Archie is not Jerry. The progressives got black ADA David Soares to beat the incumbant district attorney, Paul Clyne last year, but Soares and his people did the groundwork that Goodbee did not, and the progressives pretty much opted out of that race altogether, or supported the mayor.

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