Lou Rawls

Lou Rawls, the singer and actor died yesterday. He had been ill with cancer.

Of course, his big hit was “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”, one of only two Lou songs I own, but he put out dozens of albums, and appeared in several movies and TV shows, often doing voice work.

I knew him second best for his charitable work, which included telethons that helped the United Negro College Fund raise nearly $200 million. He was ABC News’ person of the week, although they said he was born in 1935 and was 72 years old, his age was apparently the source of much confusion.

But, I’ll always remember him best for a TV commercial that appears on this album. It’s one of the best performed songs from commercials ever. I reckon there are worse things to be remembered for.

Here’s to good friends,
Tonight is kinda special,
The beer will pour,
Must say something more,
So tonight, tonight
Let it be Loewnbrau

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