The Lydster, Part 22: Schizo Girl

Carol and I went to see Lydia’s day care teacher this month. She said that Lydia is quiet, hardly saying anything, but is pretty much a perfect angel. She cooperates with her nose being wiped and her hair being done.
Conversely, she does not fold paper. She doesn’t “match object to picture.” She doesn’t “zip and unzip”.
But she never uses the pacifier.

My immediate thought: Does she have the right child?

Lydia’s talking up a storm at home. At the house, nose blowing is a struggle, though she’s moderately more co-operative with her hair, All of those listed activities she does at home, notably unzipping her pajamas. But she often wants the paci, and since she pretty much weaned herself only a month ago, we’re not going to sweat it much.

Fortunately, there seems to be more integration between the home Lydia and the day care Lydia. She sings a lot in both places. She clearly understands language, even when she doesn’t speak. She’s using the paci less at home.

Lydia is 22 months old today. We love her, and it appears that the feeling is mutual.

The universal symbol for “I want my paci.”

Some parent, probably the male one, has capitulated.

She STILL looks like Little Orphan Lydia.

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