TW3- mid May, 2006

I feel crummy.

Well, I need to back up a bit.

Monday, May 15- go to Hall of Fame game in Cooperstown with my father-in-law, Richard. While it was lovely at noon for the parade, it started clouding up during the Home Run Derby at 1, and they started the game early, at 1:35 instead of 2. If they could get in five innings, it’d be a legit game and they wouldn’t have to refund 9000 tickets. But the rain increased, and we got soaked, so the game was called after 2 1/2 innings. My mother-in-law Joyce and I rendezvoused with Carol and Lydia. Our anniversary dinner consisted of salads at the McDonald’s in Cobleskill, NY, then home.
Tuesday, May 16- First day in new office. Getting there was easier than I thought. We’d all done floor designs for our cubicles. I don’t know why we bothered, as our designs had nothing to do with what they set up – in my case, my back to the entranceway. My Chinese colleague Jinshui said it was bad feng shui.
So I rearranged the office, and started putting my stuff away. Sometimes, I feel as though I have ADHD, because I simply cannot stay on a task for two or three hours at a time. I did some reference, what I could do that didn’t involve copying (copier not there yet) or the CD-ROMs (LAN not working).
I wait at the bus stop to go home. The bus passes in one direction, so I figure it’ll make a stop on the return trip. But then it comes back and passes me again. Fortunately, I flag down another bus and make it home.

Wednesday, May 17 – finish unpacking and do some reference. While getting there is easy (because other buses stop at the designated locales), I manage to miss BOTH late buses and have to walk home. Now, as the eagle flies, my new office is much closer to my home than my old. Of course, roads aren’t designed that way, and I end up walking along I-90, which is dangerous enough in the best of circumstances, but potentially lethal during construction. Fortunately, some construction worker invited me to walk inside the barrier, and I got home a little less than an hour and a half after I left, soaked from a brief but torrential downpour.

Thursday, May 18 – As I did the previous two days, brought Lydia to day care. She’s starting to develop a cough. Meet with a potential intern. Try to get some work done, but now the Internet and e-mail are also down. Except for catching up on reading Advertising Age and the Wall Street Journal, there is literally nothing I can do workwise.
Wife Carol calls to tell me that Lydia threw up at day care. They tried to call me, but we got new numbers. The old number was SUPPOSED at least leave a message, but no, it has a recording of the new tenant in our old space. So the day care couldn’t reach me at all.
Got a ride to town, took myself out to dinner at a Greek restaurant.
Went to a meeting of the Friends of the Albany Public Library, got elected vice-president. Listened to a storyteller talk about the historic Cherry Hill section of Albany. Went to second half of choir rehearsal, then home.

So today, sick Roger is home with sick Lydia. Usually, I’d like to come up with a punchline to these tales, but as the great Peter Paul commercial says: “Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.”
I’m sad about the Macca split, mostly because of the speculation:

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