The Triumphant Return of the Monday Meme: Top Ten Junk Foods

Gee, I haven’t been inspired to do a meme for a while but Greg did a Top Ten Favorite Junk Foods and Tosy noted his top ten candy bars. Since I never ate that many of the latter, I’ll stick with the former.

10. Plain M&Ms – back in my less disciplined days, I’d eat a whole bunch in rainbow color order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown. OK, brown’s not in the rainbow. Now, if I succumb to the candy, it’ll be one piece. And it’ll be green, of course.

9. Wheat Thins- I’ve started actually started looking at the packaging, deciding whether the “reduced fat” product or the “whole grain” product is better. Well, the former has fewer calories. Both are nearly as satisfying as the original, which is not always the case with these products.

8. Ritz Crackers – there was a time when I could devour a whole roll of these; a box holds three or four rolls. Usually consumed with diet cola. Hardly buy them now, even though, as Andy Griffith used to say, it is a “good cracker!”

7. York Peppermint Patty – The ersatz brands were almost never as good.

6. Oreos – probably the least healthy thing on the list. A transfat haven. I understand they have, or are in the midst of changing the formula, which could wreck them. Always consumed with milk.

5. Mounds – I almost never felt “like a nut”, but went with this coconut-laden treat.

4. Graham crackers – they don’t have to be Nabisco, but some of the store brands are not good at all. Many years ago, I used to soak them in milk, just shy of them disintegrating them into the beverage. Don’t do that any more.

3. Carrot cake – STILL the item I want for my birthday. With milk or vanilla ice cream.

2. Fig Newtons – or any of those Newton products. Here’s where vending machines are good for portion control. Two bars are OK; a half stack is bad. Usually with milk.

1. Ice cream – all kinds – vanilla, preferably French vanilla, with a bit of “bite” to it; strawberry; all variations of vanilla and chocolate together; and sundry fruity others. Some of the low fat/reduced fat things are OK, but there isn’t a “no fat” item I’ve tasted that has been worth opening the freezer door for.

I did have banana bread, preferably homemade, on the list, but I suppose it may not be junky enough.
A convenient truth: In a remote controlled world, physical fitness gets the zap.
Mets, Cards tied at two games apiece. Let’s go, METS! (Will Tigers be flat after a week off? I hope so.)

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