Would Have Been A Meme, If I Hadn’t Overthought It

So Kelly Brown had a meme about 10 things to accomplish. Should be an easy post, right? Not for me.

One one hand, at one of my recent conferences, I saw this futurist named Ed Barlow, who made me think that I ought to be be doing all sorts of technological things that I’ve had zero internal interest in, from podcasting to using an XBox, from learning Mandarin Chinese to reading more (specific) books. 10 things? How about 100? 1000?

On the other hand, I was struck by this story about how the consumption of cereal and toast have gone down, not for reasons of carb counting or the like, but because they TAKE TOO LONG. A bowl of cold cereal takes too long, and it’s (presumably) faster to get an Egg McMuffin from the drive-through. This hurts my head.

Not unrelated, there is this guy who is releasing a chapter per week of his book on the Internet, for free in order to try to stimulate sales of the book. While somewhat successful, a recent article notes that he’s “receiving some complaints from readers who felt they were being ‘teased’ by the incremental release of the book”. Oh, please. Wasn’t Dickens originally released that way?

So I’m trying to find that balance.

What DO I want to learn, right now? Just how to operate the technologies I already have to their fullest extent. I believe there is programability on our phone; I’ve never used it, but then we’ve only had it for three years. There is a way to record the DVR to VHS tape; can’t do it yet, and don’t even know what kind of cable I need. You know, stuff like that. That’ll keep ME plenty busy.
A friend writes:
“I’d thought it was the best idea since sliced bread:
(1) No backaches from overloaded backpacks
(2) no more “I left my book in school and can’t do my homework”

Well, I guess not. ROG

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