Notes from the NYS state capital

It seldom fails. I get through the busy choir season, and I develop a sore throat that manages to linger for a week. Started feeling crummy Friday, not “too sick for work” crummy, but that level just below that. So a short post today.

I was on the bus this morning, and the young person sitting next to me was talking to the person in the seat behind.
Person in back: I thought you went to (suburban school district) High
Person next to me: I did, but then I got busted, so now I’m going to Albany High.

The headline in today’s (Albany) Times Union newspaper is “Albany leads in tiny realm” – I’m thinking that there are a bunch of Lilliputians in the city, until I read the subtitle: “University’s nanotech resources win it a primary role in new $435 million research alliance that will push science frontiers” (I really DID know what the story was really about, but would others?)

Friends and relatives from out of town are always worried about the Albany weather when they hear about it on the Weather Channel. Well, it’s pretty variable as this story notes.
Additionally, the topography is quite varied with mountains and valleys so that, for instance, one might get a couple inches in Albany and 10 inches in Voorheesville in Albany County, which is exactly what happened this morning.

Fred: Did you know that there’s ALREADY a DVD of the new King Kong movie? Well, not exactly, but King Kong – Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries (2005), which has all the extras, everything EXCEPT the movie, is already out!
Listening to that Sinatra album you made me. I’ll mail the book tomorrow.

Chris: Mailing music tomorrow.

Highly recommended reading: Shhh!!: Keeping Current on Government Secrecy by Laura Gordon-Murnane in the January 2006 Searcher magazine.

Note to ADD : Thanks for the “spam.” Happy New Year to you, too. We’ll talk.

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