Review: Julie Hembeck’s Art Room Mix 2005

NAME: Julie Hembeck
BLOG NAME: none that I’m aware of
NAME OF CD: Art Room Mix 2005
1 Elliott Smith- amanda cecila 3:10
2 the shins – new slang 3:51
3 rasptina- girls school 5:29
4 le tigre- my metro card 2:56
5 yeah yeah yeahs- maps 3:39
6 killers- smile like you mean it 3:54
7 white stripes- i just dont know what to do with myself 2:46
8 reliant k- more than useless 3:50
9 jefferson airplane- white rabbit 2:33
10 le tigre- phanta 3:16
11 Michael Jackson- PYT 3:58
12 Shins- saint simon 4:25
13 Pink floyd- time 7:06
14 the bravery- no breaks 3 :04
15 Simple plan- one day 3:15
16 modern lovers- dignified and old 2:29
17 Elliott smith- baby britain 3:13
18 SBS- naked birthday 4:24
19 modern lovers- old world 4:03
20 SBS- cocoon 2:09
21 Elliott Smith- independence day 3:04
GENERAL THOUGHTS: Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. I feared that it would be a bunch of tunes and/or artists with whom I was not familiar and couldn’t relate to. Instead, it was a very pleasant mix of the new (to me) and old favorites.
I was surprised that Michael Jackson was on here; I had heard that she was over Jacko, but the song works here, even though it’s probably my least favorte cut on Thriller. Likewise, the Pink Floyd cut is a winner.
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: Le Tigre, White Stripes, and the Shins. Also pleased that she included the Modern Lovers.
ON THE OTHER HAND: The disc starts with a couple similarly mid-tempo tunes; I’d be inclined to start a bit livelier. Also, I would have spread out the songs by the last three artists more throughout the mix, like she did with the Shins. But these are minor quibbles about a very nice package.
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED (BY BLOOD): Julie is the daughter of some comic book guy named Fred. My family had the pleasure of meeting her last summer. (She’s the one holding my daughter Lydia.) A less arty rendition of the picture can be found at the August 17 posting, and Julie’s self-portrait is at the same link at August 25.

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