A Concept By Which We Measure Our Pain?

I think about the nature of God. A lot.
There’s something I truly believe that will be considered as arrogant, or irreligious, or cynical in some circles: as a Christian, or indeed as a person of faith, I think one should always be struggling with the nature of God. If you think you’ve got it all figured out, I don’t think you’re really trying very hard.

I’m not talking about silly stuff like:

I’m talking about the story under the headline:

The story reads that people believed that “God is with us” when the miners were apparently found alive. Then what does it mean when only one miner survived? Writer Mark Evanier said it better than I could.
Somehow, I was also reminded of a certain Christmas carol that seems most appropriate.
Of course, there are journalistic issues to address, too, but that’s another conversation.
Meanwhile, friend Tim makes it into the TU another time, this time with A Kinder, Gentler Hell
How Swearing Works: “We all know what swearwords are. Even very young children know which words are naughty, although they don’t always know exactly what those words mean. Learn what makes words into swearwords, how society responds to swearing and how it affects your brain.”
Friend Don asks: The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear:
“Has anyone seen this documentary yet? It sounds fascinating, but isn’t playing anywhere near me. The basic idea of the film is that the radical Islamic fundamentalists and American neo-Conservatives are mirror images; they employ similar tactics, embrace similar philosophies, and view the rest of the world with similar attitudes. I’ve read a few lengthy reviews and the film appears to be exquisitely well-researched; many of its statements have the ring of truth. One fact it presents, for example, is that “Al-Qaeda” as most Americans understand it is primarily a post-9/11 fabrication of the US government — something I’ve long suspected after researching the organization in international resources a few years ago. As far as I could tell, “Al Qaeda” is an umbrella term like “La Cosa Nostra”. But this is the first time I’ve heard that fact confirmed in domestic media. (Well, almost domestic; I think this film was initially broadcast by the BBC.)
If nothing else, this movie seems like a good rental when it comes out on DVD. But if anyone has already seen it, I’d be interested in a first-hand report.”
So, anyone seen this film?
Is THIS the activity of a good Christian man?
On a considerably lighter note Interspecies romance.
Religious right says Barbie is secretly promoting “bisexuality” . Really. Here’s how.
And, just because, a cartoonist played God.

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