The Lydster, Part 26: Miss You

In the last month, I was away for seven days, at two conferences and one wet baseball game. A year ago, I was away at the former two events, but don’t recall missing Lydia quite so much. And I got the sense that she missed me, although I did speak to her on the phone every day.

Maybe that explains why she’s been so clingy when I drop her off at day care lately. For MONTHS, it was hug, kiss, bye bye. But now it’s hold my hand, read story or two, then a snack, and THEN maybe I can leave.

BTW, these pictures predate the ones from last month. They were lost (and obviously found) during the work move. Some of these are from her birthday party. She looks so serious in most of them.

This sequence is called Girl Contemplating Spheroid Objects.

Happy 26 months, honey.

Oh, and re: last month’s pictures, more than one person asked if she was carrying a GUN in the last picture, where she’s looking out the door! No, it was the part of the screen door that keeps it from closing too fast just beyond her hand. (What IS that piece of the door called, anyway?)
My friend and my boss Darrin is getting married tomorrow. Since he’s not there today, it gives me an opportunity to post a little something about him and his financee Suzy on the work blog.

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